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Bo Jones
Bo Jones - PBT President

To All Bondsmen in Texas

As we start a new year, we must continue the work at hand.
Our first goal… is the ongoing legislation. Our great PBT legislative Team worked very hard in 2017 to protect all bondsmen in Texas. But, I believe, the next real challenge will be the 2019 legislative session.
We must ALL answer the call… get prepared now…to save our industry since our livelihood is now under attack.
Our PBT legislative team (your team) is working every day to protect us, and will continue to do so during the upcoming legislative challenges.

Our next goal… is converting non-members into PBT members in Texas. I feel very strongly that every bondman should be a member of PBT. Each membership dollar goes towards strengthening our “financial front line” of defense. Our basic legislative strength is thru more members, more money and who you know in your own county legislatively. Remember, united we stand and divided we will fall so now, is not the time… to take a knee! You can start helping our mission by contacting your county Sheriffs, Judges, Legislators, District Attorney’s and other officials in your own county and simply get to know each other on a first name basis.

Your PBT membership dues are less than $1.00 a day…. and less than a cup of coffee in order to keep your business alive over the next two years.

Please contact me or any of the PBT officers or directors listed on our web. We look forward to your calls.
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Bo Jones
Professional Bondsmen of Texas

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